Exotic plants, a book, and Podcasts


Small space-Gardening is one of my favorite hobbies and tropical plant gardening is a hobby in that hobby. We’ll see how successful I’m going to be with the exotic plants, but so far so good – I’m sharing two of the varieties that I’m growing right now and what is on its way over here in seed form.  One of my favorite things to do when I’m fiddling around with plants is to fill my ears with lovely podcasts. I’ll drop some links to some of my recent favorites and to round everything out I’ll squeeze in a book tip. 

The picture at the header of this article is my goofy pineapple plant. I used the twist-the-top-off method, peeled off some leaves and plopped it into water. After the roots started developing I moved it from its wet environment into a pot. It didn’t grow a whole lot after that until very recently when something strange happened.

Two new pineapple plants started growing on the old plant! I’m not quite sure what’s going on here and any attempts to search for this phenomenon has been unsuccessful so far – if anyone reading this knows, please share! As long as it continues to grow, I am happy in either case. This is the pineapple plant I wrote a guest piece about on the Stateless Cook-blog back in December 2018 so even if there is some progress with the pineapple, it has taken its sweet time.


The second of the more exotic plants of mine is one of my avocado plants – Grown from seed about a year ago. It’s one out of four, but the one in the photo is by far the largest of them: 45 centimeters (17.7 inches)! Not bad, not bad at all. It will need a bigger pot soon though.

I hope both of these guys survive the darker winter season that is coming up. Most likely I’ll have to try and figure out a place in the apartment where they can get some grow light-shine without being in the way of kids, cats and girlfriend (which is harder than it sounds, haha!).

Have you heard about the Blue Java banana? An online friend of mine sent a link to an article about it and I thought it was a joke at first – Blue bananas sounds like a joke. But, it turns out they do exist and I just knew I had to get my hands on either a tree or seeds to add to my collection of “strange things you are not supposed to grow in Scandinavia”.

I dropped the idea of getting a tree pretty quickly, no seller close enough that I’d risk buying a tree from without damage to it in transport. After sifting through what felt like a million fake-seed sellers on both Amazon and eBay, I finally found a seller in Canada that looks legit. I hope to get the seeds later this month, maybe early next month, and we’ll see if I can grow some bananas. From my research, it seems the characteristic blue color might be unrealistic to hope for here in Scandinavia – If this guy in Florida is too far north for it, I’ll need a miracle to pull it off. But the vanilla flavor should be doable.

Sweet Podcasts that have tickled my ear and a Banana book

Banana BookSpeaking of bananas, last week I finished reading “How bad are Bananas?“. A neat little book that goes through the carbon footprint of, well, almost everything. A fun and informative read, that crushes some of the myths in regards to what products are bad for the climate and gave me a new perspective on how to think about these kinds of stuff. A must-read for anyone that is into that sort of stuff in my opinion.

The oldest podcast on my download-list is the Survival Podcast, that show was the reason why I downloaded Stitcher on my phone actually. I don’t listen to every episode anymore because of time constraints, I have an absurd subscription list, but thanks to Mr. Spirko’s good practice of naming his episodes in such a fantastic way so people like me can listen to something interesting has been invaluable. Episode 2490, “Growing Food in Small Spaces” is the most recent one I’ve listened to from the Survival Podcast and the guest, Nicole Schauder, is doing some fantastic stuff in the suburban permaculture space – Well worth a listen if that sounds like your kind of jam!

I can’t stress enough how much I love podcast episodes that are less than 30 minutes long, that is the sweet spot for my commute to work. It feels great to start listening to something when I grab keys and get out the door and finish it when I arrive at work. Longer ones need more finesse than that to get played through in one sitting. Mr. Pseu’s interview with Ron Paul fit that perfect on-my-way-to-work formula clocking it at about 18 minutes. The interview was so good I listened to it again on my way back from work!

I’ve followed Rob McNealy on twitter for months and amazingly enough, missed that he has a podcast. The only course of action to cure this was to go through the sudden backlog by binge-listening to it while I was fixing with my plants and household chores – and let me tell you, Rob is good company when you do both. My favorite episode that I’ve listened to so far is the episode with Jeff Kirkam as a guest, where the two gentlemen have a nice chat about entrepreneurship, specifically on a smaller scale.

The most underpaid comedians in the podcast world are probably the guys running the Friends Against the Government-show and their 89th episode, “Wacky Bigfoot facts!“, had me laughing out loud. If you have never heard the show before this might not be the best jumping-in point to familiarize yourself with their style of podcasting, or it might. The best cryptid-politics podcast on the planet.

Peace and Profit, friends.

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