The Green Party Paradox

I’ve been wrestling with the subject of “Why are you not interested in joining the Green Party?”. Shouldn’t an environmentally friendly party be right up my alley? Well, not the traditional Green Parties at least. Let’s explore.

eco capitalist

The first thing that springs to mind – these parties often offer a very destructive way to force the marketplace towards their path. It’s not their intention to impact negatively, but good intentions and having the heart in the right place doesn’t always equal a green planet.  Heavily restricting dirty industries and giving them no chance to research and develop in our part of the world, will push them to other places with less environmental laws and checkups. This basically outsources this kind of industry to more poisonous practices elsewhere, with the added bonuses of having to transport the goods over here – A net negative for the planet! Plus now you have to check up on the products in order to make sure they are safe to use, adding a more complicated layer on top of the whole concept.

Secondly – the Nordic Green Parties are pretty OK with identifying and pointing out dangerous practices, and at first, they get my attention. Then they start listing suggestions to fix it – more often than not, with government enforced mechanics – stifling my interest completely. They could promote positive alternative resources and grow an interest with less ham-fisted political tools. Instead of proposing a ban on things like disposable plastic goods, they could first look to alternatives like reusable sources and look into how to get them more available, or at the very least how to remove obstacles put in the way for them.

Maybe it’s time to remember that not only plants grow, ideas do too. Why are we not the best in the world at attracting research companies and entrepreneurs with fantastic ideas on replacements for things that hurt us and the planet? The ideas are out there and booming: using pineapple for threads, bioplastic, home compost systems, sun cell kits, the list goes on. The government for sure isn’t providing us with these kinds of ideas and strangle them with restrictions before they even arrive to us.

Furthermore – having an economical platform makes the foundation for most political parties that aim to go beyond being a small, niche party. Expressing it beyond “Let’s raise taxes on stuff that is bad” is paramount for explaining your politics in real life terms for real-life people. Sadly, monetary restrictions pretty much sum up the philosophy which Green Parties economics work under – with some variations. Sometimes it comes together with tax cuts on goods and services with a more green label on it. But it’s mere speculation how this will do since it’s seldom you can predict how the market, private persons and companies will react and adjust to government forced economics. Especially when you are balancing your budget on people “doing the right thing”. This has the potential to be a powder keg of problems. I’ve explored this briefly in this article, a topic I will revisit.

More often then not, these kinds of tinkering with the money machinery end up hurting poorer people the most. Increases of taxation on fuel are one example of this – the gas bill for a person with a big salary is a very small part of his or her resources, but for a mid-to-lower class person it could be devastating. When the government in addition to this makes your car artificially more expensive through state regulation you cripple and trap the less wealthy. Unless you’re relying on Stockholm Syndrome to drive voters to you, this will shrink your voting base.

Dr. Stein and the American Green Party have at least an anchor in reality and some calculations to match their vision (and even put it forth in reality) – more of our environmental friendly brothers and sisters should take notes. We are on the same page on microeconomics as well, were self-sufficiency is a key component in the future.

Get a ‘Green Living Kit’ here!


A fantastic youtube video on how to make your own bio plastic at home!

Motherboard’s youtube video on how fungus will be the source of our plastic in the future!

An introduction to Green Anarchy by GreenCE Education on Youtube.


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