Swedens Silly Sun Energy Tax

Taxation on self-produced and used solar energy to put a spanner in the wheels of green energy? Sounds exactly what we needed…



In mid-2016 the Swedish Government consisting of the Social democrats and the Green Party introduced a tax on solar energy, citing European Union regulations on energy competition as the reason behind the tax.

It turns out this premise was false, EU officials said it was quite the opposite – countries
can make exceptions for renewable energy sources and said the government representatives hadn’t even checked the rules and regulations about this with them.

Fast forward 2 months and the government tells media they “might have been in the wrong” and is going to reconsider the tax, in a bid to not look like complete clowns inventing taxes for no other gain then filling the coffers with loot and hindering the green energy switch in the process. Over time this mutates into suggestions on lowering the tax in steps and the Green Party writes a piece about this on their official homepage with the clear message of being against the taxation even though they sat in the government introducing it. The plans were put on hold to summer 2017 when the rate was finally lowered.

Now, two years later after the introduction, its election year and political parties use this tax as a weapon in the election and try to score points by saying they want to fiddle around with the decimals. Removing it completely is cited as too complicated due to how the tax laws are written. Amusingly enough it was super easy to roll it out.

The danger of having the solar energy tax in place is that if people invest heavily in solar panels they open themselves up to get burned by any future government that decides to increase the taxation. Anyone wanting to go with a greener alternative has to have this in the back of their mind which is a net negative to the movement.

The government isn’t coming to your home and weight the carrots you have grown and you yourself eat just put a tax stamp on them – Therefore, it’s reasonable they keep their nose out of the micro production of energy as well.

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News Article in Swedish on the introduction of the tax:

News Article in English on slashing the tax:

News Article in Swedish detailing that EU doesn’t force the tax to existing:

The Green Party wants to get it removed (in swedish)

A proposition to lower the tax by Swedish government:

The Center Party tweets about wanting to lower the VAT in their platform for next election:

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